Join CTQM as a Graduate Student

  • Ph.D. students affiliated with CTQM participate in a dynamic, vibrant and welcoming research community, and are encouraged to pursue inter-disciplinary research in collaboration with Center Fellows, postdocs and other graduate students.
  • Interested students should apply to the Ph.D. program of the University of Colorado Boulder Department of Physics, and mention CTQM in their statement of purpose. Students applying for admission in Fall 2016 will be considered for CTQM graduate fellowships. Please direct inquiries to ctqm-phd@colorado.edu.
  • Current CU Boulder students interested in CTQM are encouraged to contact any of the CTQM Fellows.

Join CTQM as a Postdoctoral Junior Fellow

  • CTQM Junior Fellows are postdoctoral researchers affiliated with the Center, and participate in its dynamic, vibrant and welcoming research community. Junior Fellows are encouraged to interact and collaborate with CTQM Fellows, graduate students, and other Junior Fellows, across the various disciplines involved in the Center.
  • Physicists interested in postdoctoral research at CTQM are encouraged to contact any CTQM Fellows with overlapping interests. Links to relevant opportunities starting in Fall 2019 will be posted soon, please check back again.