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JILAns participate in a number of outreach projects.  Here are just a few.

Books & Multimedia for a General or Student Audience

View some of the JILA-authored or JILA-produced books, films and other multimedia for a general audience.

CU Wizards Program

The CU Wizards program explores the exciting worlds of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, mathematics, psychology, astronomy, and more! FREE to the public, our monthly shows, geared toward children grades K-12 and their families, entertain and inform about the wonders of science. Visit: http://www.colorado.edu/cuwizards for more information.

A updated schedule listing of recent topics by JILA presenters is available.

National Hispanic Scientist of the Year

With the tremendous growth of the Hispanic community it is imperative to recognize the importance of Hispanic role models inspiring young Hispanic students from at-risk situations to stay in school and through inspiration and education change their lives and truly realize their dreams. The NHSOY program reaches youth in two ways: Meet the Hispanic Scientist Day and MOSI's YES! Team! JILA Fellow Ana Maria Rey was a 2014 National Hispanic Scientist of the Year winner! A video outlining the program can be viewed here.

Online Book: Alice's Adventures in Quantumland

Alice’s Adventures in Quantumland is a continually expanding story based on a broad range of JILA research examining the strange and wonderful world of quantum physics.  It is written in a whimsical, story-based style to introduce a younger audience to the concepts of quantum physics.

Outreach in Other Countries

Fellow Ana Maria Rey gave a talk at the Parque Explora in Medellin, Colombia entitled, "Building with crystals of light and atoms" ("Desde relojes hasta computadores cuánticos: con cristales de luz y átomos"). The topic was cold atoms, clocks and optical lattices explained for a broad audience. The presentation can be viewed here: http://www.parqueexplora.org/visitenos/ciencia-en-bicicleta/proximo-encu...

Saturday Physics Series

Each year, the CU Physics Department offers five or six one-hour talks on selected Saturday afternoons. At each talk, adults and high-school students have the opportunity to meet a CU professor and learn about his or her research. JILA Fellows enjoy participating in these talks and sharing their passion for physics. For more information on the program, see this: http://phys.colorado.edu/public-outreach/saturday-physics-series

A listing of recent topics by JILA presenters is available.

Women in Physics

JILA provides a supportive and welcoming environment for women scientists of all ages. Not surprisingly, JILA has attracted a first-class cadre of talented women physicists to its faculty.

Read more about JILA Women in Physics.

JILA follows the six University nodes' policies for ensuring harassment-free environments. For more detailed information regarding the University of Colorado policies, please read the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures.