Welcome to the Center for Theory of Quantum Matter

The Center for Theory of Quantum Matter (CTQM) conducts theoretical physics research focused on macroscopic quantum matter. This research area is a focal topic that transcends traditional discipline boundaries, unifying the otherwise disparate fields of condensed matter physics; atomic, molecuar and optical (AMO) physics; nuclear physics; high energy physics; and quantum information science. CTQM aims to leverage and develop the unique, broad-based strengths in these areas at CU Boulder, with the aim of becoming a recognized world leader in theoretical quantum matter research. The multidisciplinary nature of  the research makes the establishment of CTQM crucial to achieve this aim. CTQM is housed in the Department of Physics, with strong ties to JILA and NIST.

The CTQM Director is Dr. Michael Hermele, Physics Department, University of Colorado Boulder. The Center Administrator is Jason Hopkins.

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