Seminar Calendar

Predicting and probing carrier interactions in quantum matter with electron hydrodynamics

Dynamical generation of spin squeezing in ultra-cold dipolar molecules

Deformation quantization and an application to lattice gauge models

Quantum Simulations of (Gauge) Field Theories

An SPT without "S" via quasiperiodic driving

Operator scrambling, quantum chaos and quantum gravity

Towards Many-Body Quantum Simulations of Interacting Bosons in Circuit QED

Fractional Degrees of Freedom in QFTs

Measurement-driven entanglement transition in quantum circuits

Mathematics of operator growth in quantum many-body systems

Higher-order correlations and what we can learn about quantum many body problems from experiments

Structure of fracton stabilizer models

Introduction to higher-form symmetry in quantum many-body systems

Universal picture of holographic toy models from Rank-2 U(1) theory (or Lifshitz gravity)

Introduction to higher-form symmetry in quantum many-body systems

A 3d Ising model with a weakly-coupled string theory dual?

New results with high-energy neutrinos in IceCube

Recent neutrino oscillation and scattering measurements with NOvA

**Special Colloquium** — An Introduction to Quantitative Finance from the Viewpoint of an Experimental Physicist

Strongly Interacting synthetic topological insulators in high dimensions

Measurement of the Muon Anti-Neutrino CC-0Pi Double Differential Cross Section on Water using the Pi-Zero Detector at T2K

Neutrino physics measurements from T2K

Stochastic simulation: From the Gillespie algorithm, to kinetic proofreading, to chemoreception

Translation symmetry in fractionalized phases

Renormalization Group Optimized Perturbation Theory applied to the Quark Pressure

Observing quantum materials in real time by pump-probe Raman Scattering

Front and center: physics and the large size of whales

The physics, biology, and technology of resonance energy transfer

Quantum Nanophotonics from Ultrathin Metallic Junctions

Magnetism and spin in quantum materials

Dark matter neutron mixing

Chiral Fermion Transport in Condensed Matters

Strongly Coupled Systems Search

From the Big Bang to Signs fo Alien Life, with the James Webb and Future Telescopes

Searching beyond the Standard Model at the LHC

New results with high-energy neutrinos in IceCube

Recent neutrino oscillation and scattering measurements with NOvA

Strongly Coupled Systems Searcg

Strongly Coupled Systems Research

Mixed Conduction in Polymeric Materials: Electrochemical devices for Biosensing and Neuromorphic Computing

Watching Chemical Reactions Happen One Molecule at a Time

Nanoscale Lasing: A Conundrum?

Active Matter: from colloids to living cells

A complex path around the sign problem

The two-dimensional Ising model revisited

Informal discussion on the interplay of quenched disorder and strong correlations in quantum ground states

X-ray resonant probes of magnetism at high pressures: towards realization of novel quantum spin liquids in 5d oxide

Transport and Symmetry in Spin-Orbit Coupled Magnets

Bimetric theory of fractional quantum Hall states

Dark matter-neutron mixing?

Picoastronomy: an electron microscopist's view of the history of the Solar System

Physics Department Colloquium

The Quantum Way of Doing Computations

*Special Seminar* Polarization in spectral lines: a window into the physics of the solar atmosphere

*Special Seminar* Scaling and data collapse from valence bonds in random quantum magnets

Recent neutrino oscillation and scattering measurements with NOvA

*SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM* Hot tips for thermal nanophysics

An inversion-symmetry-broken order inside the pseudogap region of a cuprate revealed by optical second harmonic generation

*Special Time/Date* Electron hydrodynamics

Cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy for complex oxide interfaces and beyond

Operator spreading and the emergence of dissipation in unitary dynamics with conservation laws

Higher-order topological superconductors

Quantum Indistinguishability in Chemical Reactions

Deconstructing S-duality

Harnessing Synthetic Quantum Matter

Universal Random Matrix Spectral Form Factor for Simple Quantum Spin Chains

Holographic second laws of black hole thermodynamics

**Special Date and Time** Anomalous metals - failed superconductors

Chiral anomaly and classical negative magnetoresistnce of Weyl and Dirac metals

Who ordered that: what lepton flavor may tell us about the Universe

Dirac, Jordan, and von Neumann: Hilbert space and transformation theory

Duality symmetry and the superconductor-insulator transition

Zen and the Art of Atomic Physics

Interactions and Ecology in High Dimensions

Can Evolutionary Dynamics Be Understood Quantitatively?

Superconducting Microresonators: From Astrophysics to Zero-Point Fluctuations

Command of Swimming Bacteria by Liquid Crystals

EPR and spatial-mode entanglement in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates

The Quest for a Quantum Spin Liquid

Optical atomic clock: a case study for the quantum technology revolution

From the Einstein-Bohr debate to quantum information: the second quantum revolution

Quantum-limited measurements: One physicist's crooked path from quantum optics to quantum information

Exploring the 3D Nano and Atomic World: Coherent Diffractive Imaging and Atomic Electron Tomography

Unlocking neutrino mysteries with the NOvA experiment

Spiraling energy dispersion of arc states in Weyl semimetals

Special Day and Time - Topological Quantum Chemistry

Unique signatures in nonequilibrium physics of topological and otherwise unusual systems

From Weyl semimetals to Weyl nodal surfaces

A new look at the many-body localization transition

Correcting coherent errors with surface codes

Computing quantum thermalization dynamics: from quantum chaos to emergent hydrodynamics

Disorder driven transitions in the quantum Hall regime

Dynamics of monopoles in quantum spin ice

Magnetoelectric effects in noncollinear antiferromagnets

Skyrmion Lattices in Random and Ordered Potential Landscapes

Quantum phenomena in nano-devices: investigation and applications

Quantum phenomena in nano-devices: investigation and applications

Higher Rank Quantum Spin Liquids: From Fractons to Mach’s Principle

Broadening the Searchlight: New Ideas in Dark Matter Detection

The Quest for the New Standard Model: Searching for BSM Physics with Rare-Isotope Beams

ColdQuanta Incorporated: The History and Future of a University Spinoff Company

Enabling Technology Innovation through Plasma Modeling: Sustainability and Biotechnology as the Next Frontiers

What are Saturn’s rings made of?

Generation and Application of Attosecond Laser Pulses

Transient Crosslinkers Tune the Patterns of Microtubule Filaments

Tests of quantum mechanics and gravitation with atom interferometry

What's Next in Higgs Physics?

From simple to complex atoms for atomic qubits and scalable quantum computing

First Results from CUORE: Majorana Neutrinos and the Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay

Quantum Information Scrambling

Universal Aspects of Eigenstate Thermalization

When must a local Hamiltonian be frustration-free?

**Note Unusual Day** Shape Selection in Thin Films: From Liquid-Crystal Elastomers to Self-Assembled Aggregates

How to tie a (linear optical) field into a knot

New frontiers for topological semimetals

Localization and symmetry breaking in the quantum quasiperiodic Ising chain

The Remarkable Ways in Which Gases Dissolve and React in Water

Generation and detection of tunable orbital angular momentum in polarization-maintaining optical fiber

RG flow equations and Quantum Gravity

Upper bounds on the one-way and two-way distillable entanglement from suitable convex decompositions

Upper bounds on the one-way and two-way distillable entanglement from suitable convex decompositions

Majorana zero modes in fermionic superfluids and superconductors

Deconfined Phases and Phase Transitions in a Simple Model

Particle-conserving topological superfluids and the fate of Majoranas

Supersymmetry: Aspirations and Prospects

Looking for Fossils of the Big Bang in Molecular Spectra

Tunable Materials and Metasurfaces – from Quantum to Perfect

Thermoelectrics and Thermoelectric Materials

Structure and Dynamics with Ultrafast Electron Microscopes… or how to make atomic-level movies of molecules and materials

Building a Proportional Cell: Lessons from Physics

Imaging the Surface States of a Strongly Correlated Topological Insulator

Fracton topological orders

Entanglement dynamics following quantum quenches in Floquet topological insulators and quantum critical systems

Special Physics Colloquium: Unlocking neutrino mysteries with the NOva experiment

Physics at the LHC: Why and How to go Beyond the Higgs Discovery

Strategies for searches of physics beyond the Standard Model in the XXI century

Top quarks & beyond at the Large Hadron Collider

Lattice Quantum Finite Elements (QFE) for Conformal Field Theory

Surprising Solar Flares: Studying the Sun as a Star

Many-body localization in optical lattices: News from the experiment

STM studies of topological materials

The Origin of Entropy in Materials

Superconductivity mediated by quantum critical antiferromagnetic fluctuations: the rise and fall of hot spots

High-Capacity Optical Communications using Multiplexing of Multiple Orbital-Angular-Momentum Beams

15 Years of PhET Interactive Simulations: Cycles of Innovation, Learning, and Impact

Searching for Supersymmetry at the LHC

The Difficult Search for CP Violation in Neutrinos

Atomic Collapse in Graphene

Dynamics across Many-Body Localization transition

Dynamics of Quantum Entanglement

Searching for axion and hidden photon dark matter with lumped element electromagnetic resonators and SQUIDs

Undecidability of the Spectral Gap

Undecidability of the spectral gap

The 1,358,954,496 Matrix Elements to Get From SUSY Diff EQ’s to Pictures, Codes, Card Games, Music, Computers, and Back Again

Gravitational Waves, Colliding Black Holes, And Tornadoes In Space-Time: The Dawn Of A New Astronomy

Extending the Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem to arbitrary space groups

The basics of quantum information theory

Equality of certain bulk wave functions and edge correlations in d=2 and 3

Fermion mass generation without Spontaneous symmetry breaking

Special Colloqiuium: The Physics of Non-Hydrodynamic Modes

Plasma Wakefield Acceleration: Extending the Energy Frontier for Leptons

Lattice study of large Nc QCD

Exploiting Disorder for Global and Local Response

On string theory, particle physics and cosmology

Shared vibrations: How photosynthetic light harvesting approaches 100% efficiency

Limits on storage of quantum information in a volume of space

Universal Low-Lying Entanglement Spectrum of Symmetry Protected Topological (SPT) Phases, Conformal Field Theory, and Baxter's Corner Transfer Matrix in Integrable Systems

Apples vs. Oranges: online vs. brick-and-mortar courses

A synthetic quantum magnet made of hundreds of trapped ions

Transport and Localization in many-body nuclear spin systems

Absence of Quantum Time Crystals

NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter: What’s Inside the Giant Planet?

Cosmic Dust Research at the Colorado Dust Accelerator

Tragic tale of the mathematical genius Ramanujan

Avoided quantum criticality and single particle excitations in weakly disordered Weyl semimetals

From BEC to CEO: the Entrepreneurial Experience

Ultrafast Charge Dynamics and Transport in Atomically thin 2D Nanostructures and Heterostructure

Symmetry constraints and topological phases far from equilibrium

A Bridge Too Far: The Demise of the Superconducting Super Collide

The physics of cell division

Robust non-Abelian phases and continuous quantum phase transitions in a half-filled bilayer graphene Landau level

What’s next after Moore’s law: quantum computing

Strange stuff: a second quantum revolution

**Special Seminar** Turbulence and Random Geometry

Low-energy effective action for pions and a dilatonic meson

**Special Seminar** Guiding Chemical Microswimmers with Patterned Surfaces

Biotronics: Biotechnology for Electronic & Photonic Applications

driven many-body localized systems

Nonlinear dynamics and phase space flows to understand the phase behavior of motor protein motion on antiparallel filaments

*Special Colloquium* Testing the fundamental nature of neutrinos with double beta decay

Self-organization of cold atoms coupled to nanophotonic systems

Soliton motion, dissipation, and death in quantum superfluids

**Special Colloquium** Probing Hot Nuclear Matter with Heavy Quarks at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

Angular momentum transport in spintronics

**Special Colloquium** Nature's Keys: Two of the Fundamental Plasma Processes that Unlock our World

**Special Colloquium** Jet and photon probes of hot, dense nuclear matter at the Large Hadron Collider

An Introduction to Bell Tests and Inequalities in the Context of the Recent Loophole-Free Experimental Tests of Local Realism

**Special Physics Colloquium** Imaging the Physics of Magnetically Confined Fusion

**Special Seminar** Smectics and colloidal crystals: theory, simulation, and experimental data of defect structures

Superfluid-to-Mott-Insulator Transition with long-range dipole-dipole interaction

Quantum dynamics of strongly interacting photons and spins

Coulomb Blockade of Electron Transport through a Proximitized Nanowire

Hunting for extraterrestrial superfluids

Tensor networks for quantum many-body systems

Simulating QCD at non-zero matter density

Spin current: the torque wrench of spintronics

From Hot Boson Stars to Cold Fermion Atoms: A Holographic Model for BCS-BEC Crossover and Pseudogap

Nonlinear dynamics in quark antiquark potential in AdS/CFT

**Special Rescheduled Colloquium** Studying the Dark Side of the Nucleus: From Neutron Skins to Neutron Stars

Probing the quark-gluon plasma with light-flavor hadrons with the ALICE detector at the LHC

Jet Quenching in Heavy-Ion Collisions : Probing the Perfect Liquid

Probing Hot Nuclear Matter with Heave Quarks at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

Atomic physics meets nanophotonics: creating complex quantum states of matter and light

Topological soft matter: from confined blue phases to fibers decorated by nematic drops

Chaos and Thermalization in Many-Body Quantum Systems

Atomic Dynamics via meV-Resolution X-Ray Scattering: New Results on High-Temperature Superconductors

Investigative Science Learning Environment: Turning our students into collaborative participants in the practice of physics

Ultrafast carrier dynamics in graphene and graphene nanostructures

Simulating QCD at non-zero matter density

Connecting genomics and dynamic cell signaling

From atoms to brains: Microfabricated atomic sensors for non-invasive magnetic brain imaging?

Probing band topology of semimetals via nonlocal response

Strongly-Correlated Topological Kondo Insulators

Quantum simulations: from condensed matter to high energy models

*Special Seminar* Many-body localization beyond eigenstates in all dimensions

Dynamical topological phases in periodically driven systems

Electronic Structure and Excitonic Interactions in Graphene Quantum Dots

Many-body localization and symmetry protected topology

High-pressure mineral and condensed matter work

Lessons of the warm Pliocene – Melding knowledge from geology and physics

Driving symmetry breaking phase transitions: Kibble-Zurek physics in ultracold gases

Lattice tests of beyond Standard Model dynamics

Conjugated Ligands for Tuning Bandgaps and Work-Functions of Hybrid Quantum Dots and Oxide Electrode

A criterion for many-body localization-delocalization phase transition

On the phase structure of driven quantum systems

**Special Seminar** Chiral spin liquid in kagome antiferromagnets and its physical origin

Lattice tests of beyond Standard Model dynamics

Random Matrix Theory of Thermalization in Floquet Systems

Classical loop models and quantum phase transitions

New quantum orders and architectures from interacting Majorana fermions

Theory of quantum fluctuating superconductivity in incoherent metals

Geometric ``charge'' pumping with a Bose-Einstein condensate

Dipolar quantum gases of strongly magnetic Erbium atoms

How old are Saturn’s rings, what is going on within Saturn’s moon Enceldadus, and how dust measurements help to answer these questions

Two-body Cold Collisions

Looking for Dark Matter with Atomic Clocks and Gravitational Wave Detectors

Hidden spin polarization in materials with inversion symmetry: causes and consequences

Intrinsic transparent conductors and other oxide news: insights from theory

**Special Seminar** Evidence in favor of the density wave wave theory of galactic spiral arms

Many-body laser cooling in optical cavities

Phononics and Thermal Metamaterials

Hints of Non-hydro Modes in Ultracold Fermi Gases

Many-body localization

**Special Seminar** Manitoba Trilogy of Spin Rectification vs Spin Pumping

**Special Condensed Matter Seminar** Liquid crystal surfaces: topographical dynamics and preferred absorbtion

Pentaquarks: Quark Model Revisited

BEC to BCS crossover picture for high-Tc cuprate and unconventional superconductors, and pairing due to comparable spin-charge energy scales: message from muons and neutrons

The Department of Physics and the German V-2 Legacy

The Physics of Phagocytosis: How Polymerizing Polymers Drive Cell Engulfment of Particles

Quantum and classical criticality in dimerized quantum antiferromagnets

Family Symmetry and the μ-term

From QCD to Physical Resonances

Frustration and Correlations in Stacked Triangular Lattice Ising Antiferromagnets

The Water Surface: Complex, Dynamic and Wet

The Search for 100 Earths

Programming colloidal self-assembly: Colloids with directional and DNA-mediated interactions

Water Storage in Planetary Interiors: Hydrogen Incorporation in High Pressure Minerals

The New Horizons Mission to Pluto: First Results

Changing his Mind at the Speed of Thought: Einstein's Failed Attempts to Undiscover Gravitational Waves

Interferometry in a strong light

Quantum thermalization and many-body Anderson localization

The Shining High-Energy Universe as a Plasma Astrophysicist's Playground

Subdiffusion and signaling in heterogeneous lipid membranes

First-order magnetic quantum phase transitions in Mott Insulators and itinerant magnets, and recovery of second order behavior by disorder

Crumpling and Wrinkling of Polymers and Membranes

Anomalous Hall effect with massive Dirac fermions

CDW's, Superconductivity, and Magnetism: Understanding Materials Properties Through Electronic Structure

The early evolution of the Moon: Looking beneath the surface with GRAIL gravity data

Numerical Relativity and AdS/CFT

A macroscopic 'order parameter' for many-body localization

Many-Body Quantum Dynamics at High Temperatures in Nuclear Spin Systems

Searching for high-mass, Higgs-like bosons adn partners at CMS

Discussion on compressing sensing and quantum control in preparation for I. Deutsch's visit

Stealth Composite Dark Matter

**Special Colloquium** Magnetic Resonance with Single Nuclear-Spin Sensitivity

**Special Colloquium** Revealing hidden symmetry breaking in strongly correlated matter

From Quantum Communications to Small Quantum Computers

The quest for universality in dynamical quantum systems

**Special Colloquium** Spatiotemporal control of the active forces that shape living tissues

**Special Colloquium** Age of Oxides: New Physics and Foundations of Modern Technology

**Special Colloquium** Atomic giants in a new light: Quantum many-body physics with Rydberg atoms and photons

Dscussion on Many Body Localization

Interacting UV fixed points - from 4D quantum gauge theories to 4D quantum gravitation

Control and Measurement of Atomic Spins: A Testbed for Quantum Information Processing

Spin Fluctuations and Entanglement

Can Thermalization Break Down in Many-Body Quantum systems?

**Special Colloquium** Emergent properties hidden in plain view: Strong electronic correlations at oxide interfaces

**Special Colloquium** Dirac fermions and broken symmetries in topological crystalline insulators

Quantum Dynamics and Control of Chemical Reactions: From Cold Molecules to Quantum Biology

Spin and pseudospins in 2-dimensional semiconductors and heterostructures

Interacting electronic topological insulators in three dimensions: classification and character

**Special Colloquium** Quantum Tapestries

*Special Colloquium* Broken-symmetry states in topological insulators

**Special Colloquium** Beyond Independence: Emergent Neural Function and the Natural World

Muon g-2 and the quest for TeV scale physics

Of Soot and Sunflowers

Coherent Diffraction Imaging and Atomic Resolution Electron Tomograph

SPECIAL Colloquium: Topological soft matter - from linkages to kinks

Plasma-Based Particle Accelerators: There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom

Optical Multi-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy

Quantum matter without quasiparticles

Membrane mediated assembly of chiral colloidal rafts

Autonomous motility in soft active matter

Design principles for non-equilibrium error correction

Time-reversal-symmetry-breaking in unconventional superconductors

Evolution of Holographic Fermi Arcs from a Mott Insulator

Physics Textbooks Don't Always Tell the Truth

Semiconductor physics of novel nitrides

Spin orbit torques in magnetic/nonmagnetic bilayers

A half-century of particle physics: from CP violation to the Higgs boson

For big solutions think small: from nanocrystals to nucleic acids

Magnetic fields from the ocean floor to outer space

The magnetic field tuned superconductor (metal) to insulator transition

Wind power variability: correlation lengths & time scales

The pseudogap phase of the cuprate superconductors

Discussion in Preparation for visits of S. Sachdev and D. Huse