Quantum Simulations of (Gauge) Field Theories

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - 12:00pm

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  • CTQM Discussion

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  • Other

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Scott Lawrence

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CU Boulder

Abstract, Event Details: 

Quantum computers provide a unique way of computing real-time correlators from

first principles, a task not yet achievable on classical computers due to the

sign problem. In this talk I discuss algorithms for obtaining various real-time

observables on a quantum computer in field theory, with an emphasis on SU(3)

gauge theory, relevant for nuclear physics. Many of these algorithms have

requirements that are entirely unrealistic in the near- and medium-term. As a

result, substantial efforts have gone to reducing the computational cost one

must pay in order to extract useful QCD observables. I outline some of these

efforts, and argue that determining transport coefficients of hot Yang-Mills

may be feasible sooner than most other calculations.


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