Transport and Symmetry in Spin-Orbit Coupled Magnets

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Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 6:00am

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  • Related Seminar Series

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Joe Checkelsky

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The combination of strong spin-orbit coupling and magnetism gives rise to unusual electronic behavior ranging from magnetically driven quantum Hall states to spin torque effects. Here we focus on the combination of the spin-orbit interaction and crystalline symmetries in driving unusual electronic transport behavior. We first discuss experiments probing the role of rotational symmetries in providing protection to electronic states and spin-orbit induced Berry curvature in ferromagnetic metals. We also discuss our ongoing experiments investigating the role of non-symmorphic symmetries in producing spontaneous symmetry broken magnetic patterns in rare-earth element systems. We comment on the potential for extending these phenomena to broader classes of systems as probes of the underlying symmetry and connectivity of their constituent lattices.